European Window Film Association (EWFA) Video Demonstrates the Energy Efficiency Capabilities of Window Film Technology

June 25, 2013 - USA

In order to raise awareness on the capabilities and performance of window film technology, EWFA today releases a video explaining how window film contributes to recent European Union energy efficiency targets for new and existing buildings. The building sector in Europe accounts for 41% of Europe’s energy consumption, and relevant studies indicate that the deep renovation of Europe’s existing building stock can bring up to a 32% saving of the total primary energy used in Europe. Many building owners and occupants are unfamiliar with the different technologies and products available on the market, and their varying impact on the CO2 emissions of their properties.

Window film is used for the upgrade and modernisation of existing windows, improving their energy efficiency as well as safety, insulation and aesthetics. Window film also significantly increases the energy performance of buildings through solar heat absorption and reduced heat loss. Furthermore, window film allows for natural light to enter the building while providing proper control of the negative effect of harsh glare and UV exposure. With this video, EWFA looks to raise awareness of this considerable potential for energy savings from incorporating window film technology in all retrofit operations for commercial as well as residential buildings.

Energy efficiency in buildings is vital for the European Union to reach its 2020 energy and climate targets. Eastman Chemical Company, a leading supplier of high performance films and a proud member of the EWFA with the LLumar brand, hope that this video will help promote a better understanding of the benefits of window film. Stephan Klotzbach, Channel Marketing Manager at Eastman, said: “The association is very active in promoting the benefits of window film technology and with the new video, we hope to further increase awareness amongst legislators, media, building owners and the general public. The aim is to build a better understanding of window film as a cost effective solution to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions from existing buildings within Europe.”

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