Film Benefits

Live, work and drive in greater comfort and security with LLumar window films.

For Car Owners

You love your car for many reasons – from the driving experience and styling to the comfort and security you feel behind the wheel. And with LLumar window film you can add another – a more confident feeling that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare. Not to mention the increased privacy you’ll enjoy.

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Window Film for your Home

During the day, the sun, streaming into your house can make certain rooms unliveable due to heat build-up and glare. Well, pull up the blinds, part the curtains and let the sun shine in. LLumar residential window film helps to dramatically reduce heat buildup and cut the glare so you can comfortably enjoy these rooms again – even watch TV without disturbing glare at daytime. And at the same time, protect you and your family from harmful UV rays.

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For Architects & Designers

As one of the world’s leading brands of architectural window film, LLumar has been enhancing iconic, well-known buildings around the world for decades —with proven results. LLumar consistently exceeds the expectation of the most discerning customers.

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For Commercial Property Owners & Facility Managers

Your creativity knows no bounds. So we’ll give you a toolbox of LLumar window films to work with. Create private interior work environments using frosts, patterns and textures. Control light coming into a building for a more productive work environment.

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