Style and protection with LLumar solar control window film.


When the management at the Sheraton Brookhollow found their window film discolouring rapidly for the second time—to the point that the film’s purple hue ruined the hotel’s beautiful façade—they went in search of a better product. For the safety and comfort of their guests, they needed reliable film for their ten-story, glass-encased lobby—and for all the windows on the hotel’s more than 380 rooms and suites.


Brookhollow management searched for a new window film that would provide the heat and glare reduction they desired for their guests; a film that would protect the guests from broken glass in the event of disaster; and, most importantly, a film that would not discolour, fade, or otherwise fail to perform. The film they discovered? LLumar R 35 SR CDF solar control window film.


The LLumar film reduced solar heat gain by 60% and reduced visible light transmission by 69%, providing a glare-free, comfortable environment throughout Brookhollow’s lobby and guest rooms. The film provides guests with added safety in the event of broken glass, and the hotel enjoys energy savings resulting from lower air-conditioning demand. Best of all, management knows it has a reliable product that can take the heat and will not discolour over time.

Installation and warranty

LLumar window film is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a Manufacturer´s limited warranty.

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