“The electricity savings from the Helios RHE20 installation will be approx. $8750.00 per year giving the customer a return on investment in under 2 years,“


The owners and occupants of this retirement home newly built near the Tel Aviv Sea Shore, complained about excess heat in the hallways of the building. Despite the fact that the existing 300m2 facade was constructed from high specification Low-e dual pane glazing, in the height of the summer the heat in the hallways was often intolerable.
A second problem was that the building’s glass elevators would get so hot, that the Israeli Standards institute refused to approve their use until the owner found a solution to help reduce internal temperatures.


The installation of LLumar Helios RHE-20 Exterior film.


Temperature reduced in hallways and elevators by 10°c.
- Following the installation of RHE20, the owners of the building were able to set the air conditioning
temperature to a comfortable 26°c. Prior to installation, it had been set to 18°c in an attempt to combat
the heat.
- Following a further inspection, the Israeli standard institute approved the use of the elevators
- The aesthetics of the building facade improved, with a new consistent, reflective appearance.

Installation and warranty

LLumar window film is professionally installed by trained technicians and is backed by a Manufacturer´s limited warranty.

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