Privacy and style with LLumar decorative window film.


Wide-open spaces and rural park views characterize the North American headquarters of Ericsson in Plano, Texas. Ericsson wanted to maintain the open and contemporary atmosphere while providing privacy for its employees, and in conference and common areas. Enclosing spaces or replacing existing glass in the four-story office complex was not an option.


LLumar frosted window film NRM PS2 features an attractive sandblasted appearance that delivers privacy without sacrificing light. It is constructed with a proprietary scratch-resistant face coating that allows for easy maintenance using standard window cleaning products. About 2,000 square meters of film was installed on the glass of Ericsson’s stairwells, access areas, conference rooms, common spaces, and office cubicles.


The original glazing contractor recommended LLumar for its ability to deliver the aesthetics and privacy of sandblasted glass – at a fraction of the cost. In addition to these benefits, Ericsson gained the advantage of protection from potential injuries caused by glass breakage. If the glass is broken, LLumar film provides a sheath across the glass to which it is fitted so that most of the fragments are held in place.