Safety and security with LLumar protective window film.


Empire Tower is one of the world’s largest office complexes, featuring 20,000 panes of glass in its 62-story structure. With all of that glass, shattered windows and falling glass shards were a real concern. T.C.C., the property management company, wanted to ensure that the building’s tenants and neighbours were working and living in a safe environment. They sought a retrofit solution that was less cost-prohibitive than reglasing.


A LLumar distributor recommended a 4-millimeter clear protective window film to solve the problem. LLumar’s technical team trained 26 installers to tackle the massive project. Over 55,000 square meters of LLumar protective window film was installed. This included over 20,000 square meters of a custom 4-millimeter protective window film product with a weatherable hard coat that was installed on the exterior surface of the spandrel glass.


Management reports that LLumar window film is performing well its function of holding the glass in place. Tenants and neighbours are impressed with the results. In addition, the film blocks more than 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays that will help to protect the building’s interior furnishings and fabrics from fading.