“The natural lighting level remained high, and the appearance of the home was effectively unchanged.”


During April 2013, the parents of a young baby were concerned for their baby’s health when bedroom temperatures would increase rapidly on sunny days. The direct heat from the sun is searing. Internal wooden shutters re-radiated heat into the room when closed, so consequently the sun’s heat passed into the bedroom. The energy saving double glazing then helped to retain this heat in the bedroom, resulting in increased room temperatures.
An internal film had been installed on the internal face of the energy saving glazing. However, the client removed the film when the internal pane became very hot.
The client then contacted GP Systems Ltd to seek assistance. GP Systems Ltd is an Approved Fitment Centre (AFC) for LLumar films.


Helios 80, an almost clear external grade film, was installed onto the exterior surface of the glazing. Rapid changes in room temperature were prevented because Helios 80 rejects infra-red energy from the sun before it enters the glazing system. Infra-red heat can make you feel warm even on a winter’s day. The harmful UV radiation was virtually eliminated, helping to reduce fading of furnishings from UV; reducing UV transmission can also help to reduce the risks of skin cancer. The natural lighting level remained high, and the appearance of the home was effectively unchanged. Helios 80 contains no metallic coatings, so allows normal use of mobile phones and WiFi systems.


Rapid temperature fluctuations have been eliminated by the Helios 80 film.
The internal pane is much cooler. The client is confident that that Helios 80 has made the room more comfortable and safer for their baby.

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